Life After Lock-Down III!!

KIDzGUITARSTAND really does do what it says on the tin.

This is the Kidz after school version of the Guitarstand.

28th January 2021

Unfortunately, all activities remain suspended as the Coronavirus variant still hasn’t been harnessed yet, as we’d hoped it would be by now . Until it is eventually brought under control, we are likely to remain at a standstill.

As we have always said, one of the very few controls we do have right now is to plan, (provisionally), and prepare for our return when restrictions are finally lifted and we are allowed to go about our activities once again.

Lockdown is now expected to run beyond March 8th, which is when schools are scheduled to reopen. The Government plan to ease Lockdown measures gradually after that date, although this is very much reliant on how quickly the vaccination programme meets it’s targets and the effectiveness of the Government’s measures in reducing the r number.

So if we build in a bit of padding, or an allowance for slippage and things taking a little longer than we imagine, we could set a provisional date for return of WEDNESDAY April 14th for Bullion Hall KIDzClub.

Once again, we have to keep everything crossed & be prepared to push back these dates if required to do so. But then, this isn’t new to us is it? But it does mean we will be ready to go ahead when we get the green light.

Why not ask for details to see if there is a place available for your child? Even if there isn’t, you can be added to the reserve list, which means you will be given first shout when regular members either can’t make it, or have decided to leave the club. In addition, if and when the 6 Max rule is lifted, those on the waiting list will be able to regularly join us straight away.

Every Wednesday from 4:50pm to 5:50pm, here’s 60 minutes of fun where youngsters between the ages of 8 & 11 years, (inclusive), can come along and learn how to play guitar at:-

BULLION HALL (Community Centre); 

How much?                 £4 for the hour.

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