The Guitarstand@Bullion & The Guitarstand@Blackhill. Coronavirus: (See Below for Lockdown update):-

THE GUITAR STAND is designed to help beginners, those of an intermediate level and even advanced players to develop. 

To achieve this I promote member interaction with players of a similar or more advanced level. Here, we all help each other. Everyone has something they can bring to the table at THE GUITARSTAND

More advanced players are particularly welcome, as I believe the more experienced members can help bring on the newer players as well as enhance their own standard. 

What happens during these sessions? The first thirty minutes of the allotted two hours is usually dedicated to technical matters such as scales, maybe finger picking or some other aspect of playing we are contemplating.

We normally spend the next hour playing songs, using a play-list developed by the members themselves.

The final half hour is, theoretically reserved for more tech. stuff but, as we’re usually having such fun with the play-along section, everyone tends to press to continue until time catches up on us.

How much?                    

£8 for as much of the two hours as you want.

These groups take place at:-

BULLION HALL (Community Centre); 


(Wednesdays 6 to 8pm)



(Saturdays 12:30 to 2:30pm)

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The Guitarstand update:-

A Message to all Members

Hi everyone.

We are just over one week into the Covid 19 National Lockdown, which also means we’re just over one week closer to our provisional re-boot date both at Consett & Chester le Street.

As I mentioned last time, our plans can continue, especially after the support shown by members for both clubs. It’s all about when we can go ahead and, that has just been pushed back a little bit. (Just under 3 weeks it seems).

Our mandate has been ratified still further, as both venues have agreed to the proposed provisional dates for each club. Providing lock down goes according to plan and is lifted when expected, we are fast approaching restart.

The provisional date for a return for Bullion Hall is scheduled for Wednesday 9th December, While Blackhill is due to resume on Saturday 5th December for Blackhill. As we get closer to those dates, we will have a more realistic idea of how things are going and, if need be, we can change them accordingly. This approach means we are ready to go when allowed.

Everyone seems happy about the way we will have to operate when we do start up.

Those members offered an appointment should pay in advance of the meeting day/night and this should be done by way of a bank transfer/payment . This method is easy, quick and instantaneous. I can provide bank details nearer the time. The fee is now £8 for the session.

We will be operating the 6 max rule. That means 6 of you plus me, all nicely socially distanced, P.P.E‘d and respecting the covid rules that Bullion & Blackhill already have in place. I can let you  know more about these rules if or when we do firm up a date.

 The advanced booking system can take the form of a text or an e-mail.  Someone suggested the excellent idea of setting up a Whatsapp Group for each club. This would create an instant forum for everyone in each club, but it would require everyone having the WhatsApp App. The important thing is knowing in advance who we are expecting to arrive for any given session and it would be operated on a week to week cycle. It also requires clear lines of communication.

 The first six respondents would be given the first sessions appointments. Those with appointments can be known as Appoinment Holders (A.H.) 

Those that did miss the cut will go on a reserve list, again first come first served. A.H. will always have the opportunity to rebook and retain that same appointment for the following week. They will also have the opportunity to forego that appointment, allowing someone fromthe reserve list to take their place.

A.H. may disclose their intention for the following week verbally upon conclusion of that days session, or they could wait for the next Invitation and respond to that (as they would always hold priority for retaining that appointment until they can not attend).

Each A.H. will have 48 hours to respond to their invitation, confirming or otherwise. Should an A.H. Fail to respond to an invitation, a reminder will be sent with a 24 hour response time limit, beyond which the Appointment will be offered to the first person on the Reserve list. Confirmation of this action will be sent to the relinquishing A.H.

Should the A.H. have alternative plans, or should they fail to attend their appointment, then they would be moved to the reserve list and the person who is first or next on that list would be offered the priority opportunity to book for the next session in place of the relinquishing A.H.

The person from the reserve list being offered an appointment will, thereafter, hold priority for re-booking/relinquishing the same appointment for the following session, whilst the member being moved to the list would now be required to wait for the next opportunity to arise to acquire an appointment..

Built-in Social distancing and regular sanitization would be a must and probably goes without saying, even though mentioning it does provide everyone with reassurance that the main issues are being taken seriously.

You can get in touch by E-mailing

Finally, an FYI. I have a small stock of Elixir Strings for acoustic guitar. Gauges Custom Light 11’s & Light 12’s.

These normally retail from £13.99 to £17.99, depending on where you shop. (I know I have definitely paid that higher price). These are available to you for £10 per set, (Plus any postage & packaging, if any).


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