Every Wednesday from 4:45pm to 5:45pm, here’s 60 minutes of fun where youngsters between the ages of 8 & 12 years, (inclusive), can come along and learn how to play guitar. At £5 for the hour, it must be the best VFM ever


All Children are afforded the opportunity to develop their guitar playing to meet the standards of GRADING EXAMINATIONS as defined by THE LONDON COLLEGE OF MUSIC and regulated by OFQUAL.

Each Child will be assessed for their potential to take a GRADING EXAM.

They will only be considered when their standard of playing meets the level required.

There is no specific time-table or deadline for this, each child can work at their own pace if required.

Any decision to take an exam is very much a personal choice and is a matter between each Child and their Family.

The taking of an Exam is in no way mandatory.

It is perfectly acceptable for any Child to progress without any added pressure of taking an Examination.

It must be stressed that such a decision is optional.

In such cases, the development will simply proceed to take the child to the required standard as though they intend to enter for an exam, but no entry will be made.